At C2L Support services we provide expert internal and external window cleaning service for clients.

We have various access solutions so no matter how challenging things are, we will always keep your windows clean.

Our range of window cleaning services incorporates any frequency required, ranging from daily, monthly, quarterly and annual cleaning operations.


Our qualified and fully trained teams have the right solutions to meet your needs:

C2L Window Cleaning

Commercial Window Cleaning


We all know that the appearance and cleanliness of your premises are critical to you; C2L Support Services will help support you to maintain these high standards. C2L Support Services have effective expertise in dealing with all types of cleaning utilising pure water. From any retail units to multi storey office blocks, we have a cleaning solution available for your building. We provide Commercial Window Cleaning services for schools, retail stores, large business parks and hospitals, giving you the confidence that we can supply an experienced reliable cleaning service. We have got the ability to clean your windows up to a height of 60 feet, as well as having the facility to clean soffit, fascia, atria, signage and panelling. 


Access at Heights

  • Reach and wash systems​

  • Cherry picker and hoist access work

  • Cradles and abseiling



Educational Premises



Office Blocks

Residential Window Cleaning

We know your home is your personal space and here at C2L Support Services we do recognise that many people can be uncomfortable having outsiders cleaning their property, even just within the external areas.  In order to maintain our high standards for our clients every time, we have a tailor-made window cleaning service with a team who are both friendly and reliable.

To meet these high standards that we have set, all our cleaners are fully trained, uniformed, carry photo-identification and only use vehicles with our company signage. This allows you to know exactly who is cleaning in or around your property at all times.

Glass is porous, so over time, any dirt that accumulates will start to break down the surface. The problem gets worse in the winter, but can happen any time of year. As facts have shown, keeping your windows clean and clear from contaminants will prove vital in ensuring they last longer. 

We offer both external and internal window cleaning. By utilising the Reach & Wash system, we can ensure that our window cleaning service will keep your windows clean and deliver an exceptional finish every time.